ON HAND: Disposable Mascara Wands
ON HAND: Disposable Mascara Wands
ON HAND: Disposable Mascara Wands
ON HAND: Disposable Mascara Wands
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ON HAND: Disposable Mascara Wands

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These professional grade disposable mascara wands are of the highest quality and a must for sanitary application of any brand of mascara, whether it is a tube or dry cake.

These 3.75" long straight head wands feature a tapered point spiral nylon fiber brush head for optimal lash separation.  They are perfect to use for grooming eyebrows with a fixative product, or brushing face powder residue out of them. Always use a new disposable brush to help prevent the spread of bacteria by dipping disposable wand into mascara once only, apply to lashes, and then throw away.  

Airbrush Cleaning Tip:  A straight head mascara wand is a great little tool to use as a small brush cleaner for your airbrush!  It works great to scrub the inside of the cup of a top feed airbrush, or swabbing airbrush cleaner inside and around the parts of a disassembled airbrush.

The secret to full and lush lashes is definitely the brush you use to apply the mascara.  Being able to reach every lash strand along with those hard to get grow outs or baby fine lashes can be a challenge.  These mascara wands are far more superior to traditional nylon bristle wands in that their unique flexible shape coats the last evenly from the lashline to the tips while it curls and lengthens lashes.

No matter if you have fine, thin, sparse or thick lashes these wands will deliver, with great separation and lash definition from all corners and angles.  Thesilicone texture of the wand releases the mascara formula more smoothly and uniformly, and without clumping, while it holds the lashes up as it strokes on the mascara product.  These wands are a sanitary way to apply all kinds of mascara and they are completely disposable. They can also be re-used if all residue is removed with alcohol first and then washed in an antibacterial solution.

Each type is sold in pack of 25pcs

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