Every Drop Beauty Spatula
Every Drop Beauty Spatula
Every Drop

Every Drop Beauty Spatula

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Another stroke of genius for the beauty industry! Every Beauty's Every Drop Spatula is a long, flexible spatula to reach into the far corners of your foundation, serum or lotion jar and effectively pull out the remaining product with a clean, smooth wipe. The soft, silicone tipped edge lays flush against each corner of the bottle and works like a soft baking spatula to cleanly extract product from odd shaped containers - even the top interior!  Save hundreds of dollars when you use the Every Drop Spatula on your most expensive eye creams and anti-aging serums, as well as hair treatments and body products. No more breaking into bottles or reaching in with cotton swabs - the Every Drop Spatula does the work for you!

Measures 8"
Silicone Tipped
Flexible Handle
Washable and Reusable
Made in the USA

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