PREORDER: RCMA Foundation Thinner
PREORDER: RCMA Foundation Thinner

PREORDER: RCMA Foundation Thinner

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PREORDER: Cut off every Monday, 2-3 weeks ETA from cut off date (subject to delay due to Covid19 situation), note that we only process fully paid preorders. 

RCMA Foundation Thinner is a product created to use as a thinner or "cutter" for RCMA Thinner helps pre-dissolve down any brand of cream based foundations simply by add a bit of it to the surface of your sponge or foundation brush before dipping it in and applying the foundation. 

Many seasoned professional artists refer to this product/method as a "makeup extender" because it adds greater movement and more sheer results from the foundation application for more transparent coverage.  It will not reduce the overall high pigmentation of the product at all, so you get full performance even if you thin down a creme foundation into a semi-liquid foundation. 

RMCA Foundation Thinner is a hybrid liquid containing isopropyl myristate and vegetable based castor, so it is compatible with cream based foundations.  Just a little bit on your sponge or foundation brush produces beautiful smooth results and clean looking application.

OTHER USES:  This product is quite versatile in that you can also apply a film like application of this product alone on top of your foundation application to produced a dewey looking finish.  

It can also be mixed with other cream based character makeup colors to thin them down, or use it as a medium to mix with powdered pigments for various applications.

1 oz bottle

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