sola microfiber velvet sponge
SOLA Beauty Velvet Sponge [Pro Pack]
SOLA Beauty Velvet Sponge [Pro Pack]
Sola Beauty

SOLA Beauty Velvet Sponge [Pro Pack]

Regular price ₱1,500.00

Save time while saving makeup! Introducing our beauty velvet sponge, a dual layer ultra soft makeup sponge with a microfiber outer material and a traditional blender sponge underneath. Because the outer layer of this sponge is covered with very small fibers, it works great on picking up the makeup product but prevents the whole sponge to soak up all your foundation.

Can be used wet or dry, it expands in size when wet for that perfect airbrush coverage using liquid or cream products, while dry is amazing for powder and baking! 
Beauty velvet sponge is available in two variants: Aside from shape, the only difference between the two is that the flat base one is a little softer than the other (round base).

Pro Pack is available in 3 options - 6pcs teardrop, 6pcs beveled or 3pcs of each. Sponges are sold as is, no case for pro pack. Individual sponges are sold with case, to get the sponge with case, click here, to get just the case, click here

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